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Members of Voices for Public Transit know public transportation benefits everyone. We’re keeping it moving.

Join the Movement

Members of Voices for Public Transit know public transportation benefits everyone. We’re keeping it moving.

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Celebrating Mobility Independence this 4th of July

Did you know freedom of movement is a legally protected right in the United States?

The right to travel means that all Americans can move freely about the country. Freedom of movement enables people to pursue jobs, educational opportunities, and quality of life anywhere in the country. At the local level, mobility enables people to get to work and school, access healthcare and other services, shop, and meet up with friends and family.

The Importance of Public Transportation Access

Transportation is a critical component for mobility. For millions of Americans who cannot drive, don’t have access to a car, or choose not to own a car, public transportation provides the mobility independence that’s vital to their ability to participate actively in the economy and their local communities.

Reliable, affordable public transportation and paratransit services enable many seniors and people with disabilities to remain independent. Even when physical conditions prevent people from driving, they can still travel, maintain routines, volunteer, and have a full and active life. Public transit also gives people who can drive more options for mobility, which can help reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase the safety of travel for everyone.

Although taxis and rideshare services can assist in getting people from Point A to Point B, public transportation is the real solution to providing affordable mobility to communities of all sizes. And we are seeing innovative public transit solutions emerging around the country to meet the unique needs of the various communities they serve. Public transit systems in Florida and Oregon are partnering with rideshare services and developing hybrids of on-demand and fixed-route service to better reach into areas that can be difficult to serve with traditional bus and train services, like suburban residential neighborhoods. Hundreds more examples exist around the country. With the right combination of investment and innovation, we are making public transit accessible to more people in more communities than ever before.

Proposed Budget Cuts Threaten Mobility Independence

Whether you live in a big northeast city or a rural southwest community, President Trump’s proposed public transportation budget cuts could undermine mobility independence if Congress chooses to enact them.

The president has proposed eliminating the TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) grant program. This program has improved mobility for Americans around the country. For example, the 2016 TIGER grant awarded to Brownsville, Texas, helps people in rural areas connect with educational and employment opportunities in central Brownsville.

Public transit expansions and innovations like these may disappear without a continued commitment from Congress to invest in public transportation — and without public transportation, many Americans will see their mobility independence drastically reduced.

Celebrating What We Have

This July 4th, Voices for Public Transit is celebrating the freedom of movement public transportation supports in so many ways—for people who ride it and for people who don’t. We’ve seen system expansions over the last decade, development of new technologies, and better integration between public transit and other forms of transportation moving us toward truly multi-modal transportation networks. It’s a positive transportation revolution for our entire nation, and we’re committed to seeing it continue.

P.S. When you celebrate the Fourth of July — especially if you go to events in urban centers — consider taking public transit. It’s a great way to travel safely and efficiently and celebrate our nation and our freedom of movement at the same time.